The radiodermatitis & hand-foot-syndrome impair your quality of life & cancer therapy

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Reconval B6

Reconval B6 is the first topical application of vitamin B6 and additional substances, providing a local treatment and a positive moisture content.

Some targeted and classic cytostatic drugs used to treat various cancers and chronic myeloid leukemia, especially cause skin changes on the hands and feet and are therefore called the hand-foot syndrome (plamar-plantar erythrodysesthesia). In these areas the skin reddens painfully, it burns, sometimes blisters and cracks appear or often it flakes off. The inflamed hands and feet cause problems when walking (treading) and grasping objects, which often impairs the quality of life and sometimes forces the doctor to reduce the dose or change the therapy.

The painful skin side effects usually become apparent after 7-10 days and are intense after one month of cancer therapy. Thus a prophylactic treatment on the first day of the cancer therapy can prevent the development of the skin side effects and reduce thereby a progressive inflammation.

Reconval B6 is available at your pharmacy.

Reconval B6 Package

Recommended use of Reconval B6 in cancer therapies

  • Shower your skin with lukewarm water and use only mild soap
  • Dry your skin gently with a soft towel (natural fibres)
  • On day 1 of the cancer therapy apply prophylactically the Reconval cream on your hands and feet
  • Apply several times a day as required